Health officials in Snohomish County have released their Community Health Report Card.

Researchers spent nine months compiling data and statistics related to the most pressing health issues for county residents.

Some things we're doing well in. Others need more attention, said Terry Clark, chair of the Public Health Advisory Council.

According to the findings, the rate of cancer deaths in Snohomish County declined between 1990 and 2010. Heart disease among residents also decreased by 41% during the same time period. Teen pregnancy and alcohol use among youth were also down, along with the number of deadly car crashes.

We looked at the trends. What's getting worse? What's getting better and how do we compare to other places in the United States, said Dr. Gary Goldbaum, Health Officer & Director of Snohomish Health District.

But researchers say rates of suicide, physical abuse among youth and obesity are still high among county residents. The number of adults battling diabetes doubled during the sample period.

Doctors and community health experts hope to use this information to build community campaigns and action plans.

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