Word gets around in a middle school and the word got around fast at Haller Middle School in Arlington this week that Mrs. Britt had run in the Boston Marathon. That had students buzzing about the safety of their assistant principal.

Some of them wanted to hug me, Britt said with a smile. And some wanted to know the gory details!

Mostly they wanted to know she was OK. She is, finishing the race (her 49th marathon) a good half hour before the bombs went off. Looking back on that horrible afternoon and the rest of a frightening week she wanted to help somehow and wanted to give her students a chance to help too.

So on Monday, a lot of students and a few staff and faculty got out and ran for Boston, just like runners all over the world have done in the last few days.

I was just trying to figure out something to do that was positive, Britt said.

And there was just a bit of cheerful and altruistic bribery involved. For every mile the kids ran or walked, she offered to donate a dollar to support the bombing victims. That great idea ended up costing Faye Britt $535, a small price to pay for the civic involvement and school pride the lunch-time run produced.

It feels good, said Devon Nutter, an 8th Grader. I hope I can do something to support the cause and what happened.

Faye Britt, smiling through the whole event, saw it as a group effort that underlines a simple and powerful idea.

There s so much more kindness.. than there is evil, she said.


Donation site for Boston victims

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