Parents at Lake Washington high school are accusing the district of dropping the ball on maintaining its baseball field. The district shut down the field on advice it was too hazardous for play.

Sim Osborn's son plays on the school's varsity baseball team. He says the field is plagued with problems: holes in the ground, pipes jutting out of the ground, outlets that don't work. He says for years, the parents have been trying to maintain the field because no one else will.

There are literally pipes that we have dug out or pulled out with a tractor. Parents, not the school district. Parents, said Osborn. The field has never ever been maintained by the school district even though its their responsibility.

A Lake Washington school district spokesperson says there seems to be a lack of clarity over who should be taking care of the field. The district has found alternative places for the school's three baseball teams and softball team to practice and play games. According to parents, other groups associated with the city of Kirkland used the playfield as well.

But parents say practice locations often change.

Everybody gets a last minute call, says Tom LaFave, whose son is on the varsity team. Parents have to figure out how to get their kids and pick them up, get a ride back home. That's what's tough.

The district is leaning toward reseeding the field, which means it may not reopen for at least a year.

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