MONROE, Wash. -- Red light traffic cameras may soon fade away in the City of Monroe. After complicated lawsuits, appeals and debate, the city council will bring the matter to a vote on Tuesday.

It will authorize the mayor to send a letter to RedflexTraffic Systems that the city's contract with it won't be renewed.

To be honest with you in my younger days I would have thrown rocks at it, said Jesse Jefferis, who's received a traffic camera ticket.

I think it was $240, he said.

Like Jefferis, Jennifer Swartz doesn't like the cameras.

Look at it, it looks like a big mechanical eye ball, it has no right, she said.

While some agree, others are neutral.

If you're following the law, doing what you're supposed to do, there's no big issue, said Debby Lewis, a driver.

According to the City of Monroe, the cameras polarized the community. A recent ballot intiative showed the majority didn't want them. City leaders are expected to finally listen.

It's about democracy, what people want, said Lewis.

That's the way government ought to work, said Swartz.

I'm glad they're finally paying attention, said Jefferis.

MonroePolice say speed zone and red-light cameras issued more than $435,000 in fines between August 2011 and June 2012.

People who are driving recklessly can be caught be a trooper or someone. I think it will be fine just like it was before, said Swartz.

If Monroe doesn't renew the camera contract, Lynnwood will be the only city in Snohomish County to still use them.

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