Your phone can be a lifesaver in an emergency - and not just because you can make a call.

There are several apps that keep you and your family safe.

The free Red Cross app has easy instructions for many emergencies and is a quick way to call 911.

Power out? Apps can turn your camera flash into a flashlight.

Seattle mother Debbie Dubrow uses one herself.

She says she would love an app to help kid her kids safe, I'm alwys watching for my kids, who is around us wherever we are.. are they running into the street, or who are the people that are around us.

Bryan Trussel is a concerned dad who wanted to keep track of his family, so he created an app called 'Glympse.'

You text a link to a friend or family member so they can see where you are. You set how long the link lasts so you aren't always being tracked.

Trussel says he got some great email feedback from another father who used Glympse, It said.. Iwas at the restaurant with my wife.. dad I've just been in a wreck and she didn't know the address so he sent her a glympse and found her and she was safe.

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