Valentine's is a day for love and more and more people are looking for their perfect Valentine online.

There are many websites and apps that promise to help you make the perfect match.

One new player in the matchmaking game is an app called 'Anomo.'

How man times do we walk through this world where we miss opportunities? We need an app where people can capture these opportunities for business, love, friendships, said Anomo' co-founder James Sun.

'Anomo' is different from other dating sites because it's about revealing personality traits before revealing looks.

You pick a character that you think represents yourself, then you get to know people before you reveal more about yourself, including what you look like.

Some online daters, like Stephanie Squires, said they would be something they'd like to try. I think it is important what someone looks like but personality is ultimately what is going to make a relationship last, not looks.

Many people have met their wives and husbands on more traditional sites like

That's where Noelle Firth met her husband of 5 years. Brian is amazing, he is my very best friend. And we do everything together and Icouldn't imagine life without him.

Shane Hall met his wife on Facebook. He shared a special Valentine's message to her.

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