After a series of armed robberies, police and students are taking action at the University of Washington.

Since the first of the year, there have been eight serious crimes on-campus and off-campus.

New safety videos are being produced by the UW Students Association (ASUW). It's a series of five videos for YouTube aimed at curbing campus crime.

The first month walking at night, then assault, then property theft, said ASUW's Brandon Himes.

The safety campaign aimed at educating students was shot on campus.

The eight serious crime alerts sent to students in the past month included two home burglaries on January 1st, followed by five armed robberies and a carjacking.

The incidents happened both day and night, on campus and off.

We don't see this as a spike. Not a crime wave. The incidents have been in several different areas of the University District, said Commander Steve Rittereiser, University Police.

The Student Association is also polling students. Poll results show that students want better campus lighting and more police patrols.

Students on campus feel safe, says ASUW'S Daniel Nguyen, But, when they leave campus they feel unsafe.

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