SEATTLE -- A nasty flu season turned deadlier Friday as another person has died from the flu in Washington.

A 70-year-old Everett woman is the 17th to die in our state.

If your workplace is anyplace like ours--and it probably is--you've noticed folks out sick and others who probably should be staying home trying out some of the tried and true remedies.

The flu has us stocking up on all kind of remedies with so many choices it has us scratching our heads.

You know there's lots of things that can and do take and vitamin C is one that does seem to help people. And vitamin D is something that people are interested in taking that seems to make a difference, said Dr. Jamey Wallace N.D. of Bastyr Center for Natural Health.

Most of us have something that we feel like worked a little bit better, said Dorcass Herr.

For a sinus congestion there's the Neti pot - it's been around for ages and now there is a modern twist you can get a Neti pot in the can.

A lot of us are needing some relief. And one more thing, yes, grandma's soup does have healing power.

Chicken soup is an example of a nutrient rich broth, said Dr. Wallace. And it really feeds your immune system and it's's also warm and it feels good.

Doctors also say stay hydrated. And as always, the best medical advice for you and your family comes from your family doctor.

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