SEATTLE -- Reports coming out of Japan Tuesday hinted that Boeing may have identified a fix which could get the 787 back in the air.

The Japanese Transportation Ministry says it is reviewing a corrective action plan and is sharing its evaluations with the FAA and Boeing.

Tuesday morning marked the second day Japanese safety investigators combed through the plant, which makes the batteries at the center of the 787 grounding.

It seemed at first that the investigation was truly a joint U.S.-Japanese effort, but some reports indicate the team of Boeing, FAA and NTSB experts are splitting from the Japanese team -- that their investigations are moving in different directions.

Japan's Kyodo News Agency is reporting investigators are looking deeper into the maker of the 787's batteries.

Japan's transport minister told a news conference it will check design specifications to see if they were manufactured to Boeing's specifications. The news agency also says authorities will look into the company's quality control.

Experts in Tucson, Ariz., on Tuesday will examine the battery chargers used with the lithium ion batteries to see if that is the issue.

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