It took a while but it's just as sweet. Ann and Nancy Wilson and their band Heart will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They join Rush, Public Enemy, Randy Newman, Donna Summer and Albert King in the Class of 2013.

Reacting to the news, Nancy Wilson told Rolling Stone she initially couldn't believe it. She said it had been a long running joke for years, but admits, This kind of acknowledgment is really sweet. Ann Wilson told the rock magazine, It's really good to go 'Hey, someone noticed!

Their hits include Barracuda Crazy on You and Magic Man. From their early days in Bellevue, performances at the amphitheater at Seattle Center to decades of stardom, sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson have been rocking it since the 70s, the world's biggest band ever led by women. The Wilsons are the only original members in today's Heart.

Author and biographer Charles Cross recalls the sexual politics that happened behind the scenes. At one point, both Ann and Nancy were involved with men in the band and there's more drama in this kind of crazy sexual politics of the band Heart than with any band, I think, in rock history, he said. I mean, the Beatles weren't sleeping with each other. They never went on stage after they'd had a fight. There was betrayal and that ends up being a big part of the story of Heart.

The Wilsons want the world to know, they're still creating new music.
Although we're doing a box set that's sort of a retrospective of our entire lives, as well as the book, we're projecting into the future with a brand new album called Fanatic, said Nancy recently. So it's not the end of the line (for us).

Ann added, We've reached a critical mass. 'Okay, we're loaded up with experiences. Now, here, take these and we're gonna go off and make some more.

Another point of Seattle pride, Garfield High School alum Quincy Jones will be honored by the Hall of Fame with the Ahmet Ertegun Award for non-performers.

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