With Seattle City Hall and the King County Administration Building kicking into overtime for same sex celebrations, what is the cost to taxpayers?

On Wednesday, the King County Administration building opened at midnight to throngs of people celebrating the historic day. And, historic numbers were reached this week.

We've smashed the record, said King County spokesman Cameron Satterfield. It was 212 licenses and we're close to 500 in one day.

But, at what cost?

The license office is grinding through overtime, including Saturday, when the buidling is normally closed. By end of day Saturday, King County will have paid more than 20 hours in overtime to dozens of workers.

Also, with the historic celebration, dozens of county workers came in on their own time.

We had two dozen employees rotating through during the 18 five-hour licensing marathon, said Satterfield. Many volunteered to work the overnight shift and extra hours.

The county is now tallying the taxpayer price tag.

There will be considerable payback. So far, King County has brought in nearly $20,000 in licensing fees.

On Sunday, Seattle City Hall will be open for grand gay marriage celebrations.
The city will spend just over $17,000 for extra janitors, security and traffic enforcement.

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