Jacoby Miles is a young girl facing so much, and one of the first things she wants to do is thank others for their support and generosity.

It s amazing, it s awesome, she said.

On her bed is a stuffed dog sent by Olympic medalist Nastia Liyukin, who also sent flowers and made a phone call to tell Jacoby to hang in there.

She said she d be there... said Jacoby.

At Roach Gymnastics where she was injured coming off the parallel bars, they've raised more than $60,000. The donation jar has been filled and emptied repeatedly, and there's love on the way in the form of posters and a paper chain from her teammates.

Gym owner Melanie Roach shrugs off and possible future legal issues.

I don't care about my business ... every ounce of energy is going into helping this girl, she said.

And Jacoby has a message for her teammates and the rest of the world

I just want to say it s all going to be OK and that I m in God s hands.. he has a reason for all this and it s all going to be OK snf you don't have to worry, she said.

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