Many small business owners don t quite have the money they need to set up an office or take care of printing needs. That is where The UPS store can help. Every store is locally owned and operated by people who live and work in your community. They are equipped to give you all the support you need, from mailboxes to printing to packaging, all in one place. Disha Bajaj and John Appel, two UPS store owners in the Seattle area, joined us today to tell us all about what they can do!

Disha Bajaj owns The UPS Store at 815 1st Avenue in Pioneer Square in Seattle. Click here to connect with her website.

John Appel owns The UPS Store at Oak Tree Village (10002 Aurora Avenue North, Suite 36) in Seattle. Click here to connect with his website.

Here's a list of just some of the services they provide to small business owners (as well as all of their customers):

  • Mailboxes (plus a street address)
  • Printing
  • Creative Services
  • Packaging
  • Shredding
  • Notary services
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