On Wednesday, the American Red Cross honored 11 heroes from Washington state. They included two Mount Ranier National Park Rangers, a Tacoma firefighter and an 8-year-old girl who helped save a classmate who was choking.

But also in the list of those honored was a 6-year-old American Dingo named Madison, who was awarded the Animal Rescue Award for protecting her owner Michaela Lee when Lee was attacked by a pack of raccoons as she was coming home from a jog around Steilacoom Park.

Lee said she couldn t be any prouder of having a dog like Madison.

Just having the loyalty and the love and the companionship, knowing that she s always going to be there for me no matter what happens even when it may be injury to her ... just incredible gratitude.

Lee was jogging with Madison near her home at the edge of the park when the dog got loose and started chasing some raccoons. It turned out the raccoons included a mother raccoon and her babies.

Lee was chased by the raccoons and Madison helped scare away the animals.

Lee appreciated that Madison a dog - was included in a group of people who were honored for their heroism.

To recognize that she really did save my life ... it s pretty cool, she said.

Lee said she plans to keep spoiling Madison and appreciating her.

She deserves it, she said. She s definitely a one-of-a-kind dingo.

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