Granite Falls High School Sophomore Sadie Rose did not plan on going to the Homecoming dance, but she said a high school prank is the reason why she will be there.

I am standing up for what I believe in, said Rose.

Rose is standing up for herself after an incident that happened a few weeks ago.

She said she was sitting in sixth period when she heard her name announced over the loud speaker. Rose was among three Sophomore girls nominated for Homecoming Princess. Shortly after her name was read, she said she could hear the laughter.

She recalled how friends ran up to her and said, Wow, your name was announced over the intercom. You know it was a joke, right?

Great, here's another thing I have to worry about, said Rose. I am kind of used to the shoving, the pushing, the name calling, but this has crossed the line.

By Thursday night students and parents had heard about what happened.

I was mad. I was angry, said Senior Cassie Hart. Hart is among a growing group of students who say the prank went too far and they are supporting Rose.

She is more quiet and into her friends, so when they put her in it was just to be malicious. It wasn t very nice, said Hart's mother, Sally Timm.

Rose learned at an assembly Friday morning she was not selected to be Homecoming Princess. She still plans to go to the dance. One of her best friends asked her if she would go to Homecoming with him.

The only reason why I am continuing with it is I am not weak. I am strong, said Rose.

The school district is investigating the incident.

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