Skyline High School parents and students attempted to get back to normal again after an online threat of a mass shooting closed campus Thursday.

I haven t talked to a parent or kid today that it wasn t the first thing they talked about, said Brian Bofto, parent.

School was anything but typical Friday. Students say there was heavy police presence and most classes averaged about 10 students, with many still deciding to stay home from school.

We really want to boost the morale especially for the football players. They were targeted with this whole thing. A lot of them are really nervous, a lot of them stayed home from school today, said Jacqueline Logsdon, a student.

Skyline defeated Roosevelt 57-14, but fans this game wasn t about just winning.

It s really about the community, said Steve Carlson, parent.

Students say the threat has changed attitudes on campus and sparked student campaigns encouraging inclusion.

Eastside Catholic canceled classes Friday because of Skyline s threat and did a security sweep of its campus. Students are expected back Monday morning.

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