Investigators spent part of Friday searching for clues that could lead them to what caused the Taylor Bridge wildfire, which broke out Monday afternoon in rural Kittitas County.

Construction at the bridge could be the cause.

The fire flared up quickly soon after construction crews spotted smoke. Work there was contracted out by the state Deparment of Transportation to Conway Construction of Ridgefield.

You literally, it's a wall of flame coming at you, said John Sinclair of Kittitas County Fire District 2.

He said firefighters from a host of agencies responded as quickly as possible.

But sources told KING 5 that the Taylor Bridge Fire may have some similiarity with the Tumwater Canyon Fire from last summer. That fire was started by a DOT-contracted crew. But the bill has not been settled. That company doing that work claims they were told not to fight the fire by the Forest Service.

There's not an issue about whose jurisdiction it is. When the neighbors need help, everybody pitches in and goes and helps them, Sinclair said of the Taylor Bridge situation.

At this point, finding the true cause of Taylor Bridge Fire is likely months away. And while the blaze's source may hold clues on how it started, it won't un-damage the damage.

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