Washington State Fish and Wildlife mangers announced Tuesday that they killed a member of the Wedge Wolf Pack in northern Stevens County.

The pack is believed to have preyed on cattle in the area for the last five years, killing at least three and injuring several other animals grazing on public lands.

King 5 was on hand last month when trappers caught the alpha male and a pup to confirm the existence of the Wedge Pack.

The state wildlife department said it killed a non-breeding female, which is allowed under the state's recently fomulated wolf management plan.

Agency director Phil Anderson said the decision was made after officials determined it wouldn't affect wolf recovery objectives and after non-lethal efforts were used to protect livestock. Officials are attempting this week to remove a second wolf in the area.

The group Conservation Northwest on Tuesday questioned whether enough non-lethal efforts were made to protect livestock from wolves.

Additional reporting from the Associated Press.

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