MAPLE VALLEY, Wash. - On May 1, 18-month-old Anderson Brautigam fell asleep at daycare, and never woke up. Doctors told the baby's family that it was a case of Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood.

All I heard was Anderson died, said Lisa Brautigam, as she talked about the phone call she received at work.

A friend rushed her to the daycare in Maple Valley, where her husband was already waiting. As police and paramedics searched for answers, Chaplain Pat Ellis walked Lisa and her husband through the difficult process.

We were talked to gently and directly. We were prepared for things that would happen, said Lisa.

Nothing quite prepared the family for the lack of answers surrounding Anderson's death.

It's a mystery, said Lisa. It's rare, but SUDC does happen.

Now Lisa is starting a new charity to raise awareness, called On the Songs of Birds. Learn more about SUDC and the charity here:

Through the charity she hopes to raise money to help reduce the risk of SUDC, and she also wants to provide more resources so families can have support like she experienced when Chaplain Pat Ellis helped her family. One of her first fundraisers will happen next month, when Lisa participates in a triathlon.

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