Boxer Queen Underwood bleeds red, white and blue. She just moved in to a new house and the first thing she did was decorate it with American flags.

Every time I walk in the door, it makes me think about what I have to do and why I m here, said Queen Underwood, five-time national champion.

When she lost at the world championships in May, it derailed her Olympic dream. She could not believe it.

This is history and I just felt like I m not going to be a part of it. I was freaking out, said Underwood.

She had to wait more than four weeks while the International Boxing Federation decided if she would get one of the four wildcard spots to London.

I was just kind of here at home just like what do I do? said Underwood.

She finally received the call that would seal her fate in June. They thanked her for her participation with USA Boxing and then they welcomed her to the first ever Women s Olympic Boxing Team.

It was a very emotional moment. It was a long wait and I had a good cry said Underwood.
She had just made history.

I said when I make that team I m going to put stickers all over my car. I even have flags too and I put them outside the window, said Underwood.

Underwood threw herself a parade.

I made myself a parade and it felt really good. I don t usually like to get attention, but I was just so excited and so happy that it just felt like the right thing to do, she said.

She drove around like that for two days.

It s something I ve been waiting for my whole life, since the beginning of boxing. Finding out that women s was going to join the 2012 Olympics, it s just a dream come true said Underwood.
Queen Underwood is currently working out at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

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