WEST SEATTLE -- Members of the local indie punk band Random Orbits were set to leave on their first national tour Wednesday when thieves broke into their van stuffed with all their gear in West Seattle.

Three guitars and an amp were stolen, along with almost three thousand in cash they raised from donations from their fans for gas money for the trip.

A guitar is gone, a bass is gone, says guitarist Tyler Gibson.

It's just like getting kicked in the stomach, says lead singer Steven Smith.

The band has been together for 6 years. Their 30 day tour was packed with performances in different cities almost every night.

It could have stopped the tour in its tracks. But after posting the theft of their gear on Facebook, locals in the industry offered up replacements. While they're still short on cash, the band members say the show must go on.

We can't let it kill us, says Smith. We gotta keep going. Otherwise it's just giving up on your dream.

The band listed their gear that was stolen along with a way to donate to their tour on their Facebook page.

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