The University of Arizona law student, Gregory Schneider, won the Space Needle's Space Race, winning a trip into the beyond.

Schneider was the finalist whittled down out of 50,000 people who entered. Famed NASAastronaut Buzz Aldrin, the the second man in history to walk on the moon, made the big announcement Wednesday.

A finalist from Seattle, Lauren Furgason, made it into the final 3 but was eliminated from the challenge Tuesday following a skydiving event that included collecting objects while encased in a free-falling wind tunnel at Southcenter's iFly.

Sara Cook of Washington, D.C. was the runner up.

Schneider's prize is a into space with space tourism company Space Adventures.

Learn more about each contestant in their YouTube entry:

Here is the YouTube entry that carried Schneider into the final round:

The Space Race contest celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Seattle Space Needle.

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