BELLEVUE -- President Obama attended a private fundraiser at a Medina home on Lake Washington Friday afternoon during his brief visit to Seattle.

The home belongs to Jeff Brotman, a co-founder of Costco. Jeff and his wife Susan hosted a $17,900 per person lunch for the president.

Only part of the money paid for each RSVP goes to President Obama's re-election campaign. White House officials said $5,000 will go to the campaign, and the remainder goes to the Democratic NationalCommittee.

Inside the home, President Obama thanked the Brotmans, and said, It's wonderful to be back in thePacific Northwest.

With Microsoft founder BillGates in attendance, Obama mentioned the philanthropist three times during his remarks to the guests.

Now this election is not going to be as sexy as 2008, the President joked. My hair is grayer. I've got a little dings and bruises...but Ihave to tell you, the stakes are so much higher than in 2008.

After leaving the Brotman home, Obama shook hands and waved to kids from Medina Elementary School who waited two hours to see him.

Hey guys you're all so wet! He yelled. I wouldn't have had you stand out here if I knew it would be raining.

Following the visit to the Brotman home, President Obama attended another campaign fundraiser at the Westin Hotel in Bellevue, attended by Governor Chris Gregoire.

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