SEATTLE -- The occupy movement is mushrooming at Seattle Central Community College (SCCC). More tents,more protesters andmore friction. Even some supportive college students want the protesters gone.

It doesn't make our school look good, said one SCCC student.

Facing severe budget cuts the college estimates the demonstration is costing the college, state taxpayers nearly $20,000 a week andthere are concerns protestors are entering the building.

They are coming in. There have been soap dispensers broken repeatedly on the first floor, said SCCC President Paul Killpatrick.

The costs are mounting. Overtime security guards are now stationed at the college all day, every day. The school has brought inextra college cleaning crews andexterminators for rats. The college president says protesters are using the college bathrooms,destroying the campus lawn, which needs to be replaced, andlittering drug paraphernalia.

We're finding needles, hypodermic needles, in our child care center area, said SCCC Spokesperson Judy Kitzman.

The college is in a legal loophole and can't kick occupy out. That's because there is no state law that restricts camping on college campuses.

Demonstrators say they have been good neighbors bringing in their own porta potties, keeping the college plaza clean and the area safe.

There was a dope dealer that came into the park and we said you have to leave, you're not welcome here, said Occupy Seattle organizer Joshua Farris.

Demonstrators say they intend to stay on campus indefinitely.

Add it up. Just one year of occupy protesters at SCCC could cost the college more than a million dollars.

SCCC officials have contacted state lawyers to find a legal way to remove protestors from the campus grounds.

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