SEATTLE - Friends and family gathered Saturday to dedicate a park to U.S. Attorney Tom Wales, who was shot to death nearly 10 years ago as he worked in his home office on Queen Anne.

Over the years investigators chased promising leads, but to this day, nobody has been arrested for gunning down the federal lawman who specialized in putting away white collar criminals.

It never gets any easier, but it gets more simple in a sense because he knows we're OK and we're happy and that is what he would want, said Wales daughter, Amy.

The park itself is a tribute to Wales. He was on a neighborhood committee that helped keep this property in public hands.

Wales' uplifting personality is highlighted in stone circles that seem to float over more stone in the walls and trails. It seems appropriate because the park is the site of an old quarry that produced a lot of the material that built the neighborhood. Now the people behind the park are hoping it will help hold this neighborhood together.

At one point the 1.3-acre site was going to be put up for sale by the city, but a Queen Anne neighborhood committee fought to keep it for a public park.

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