The use of red light cameras and speed cameras to enforce traffic laws is widespread in Washington state. About 20 cities use them. But people are pushing back saying the photo enforcement is all about the money, not about making communities safer.

In Lynnwood, a large part of the city budget is wrapped up in red light cameras and anti-tax activist Tim Eyman has targeted it as an example of why photo enforcement can be abused.

Lynnwood city leaders claim the cameras have reduced accidents, but a spokesperson for the Lynnwood police department told us, the city does not have the data to prove that claim.

Nationally, studies have come up with conflicting evidence as well. A much-cited study out of Virginia, concludes that red light cameras should be installed on an intersection-by-intersection basis because some times they help and some times they don t.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety avidly supports red light cameras. Now tell us what you think? Do you like red light cameras or not?

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