Arizona's recent immigration law has led to cities and organizations, including the city of Seattle, calling for boycotts of the state.

Now, a reverse boycott is underway to support Arizona and its new law.

Arizonan Brett Scott is fighting back by creating a website called

It lists cities and organizations boycotting Arizona.

It's my sincere hope that we return the favor of boycotting them back, if you will, as a way of saying we understand that you're attacking us so we'll respond in kind by withholding our dollars as well, he said.

Scott isn't the only one.

The Arizona Hotel and Lodging Association says it's seeing more interest in people wanting to vacation in their state and canceling trips to cities boycotting Arizona.

There's a lot of people, they're calling it a buy-cott, says the Hotel and Lodging Association's Debbie Johnson. and what we're hearing from a lot of people is those vacation plans that they were having and the destinations they've gone to before are not welcoming.

The Seattle City Council voted Mondayfor city departments toboycott Arizona businesses and call for the federal government to reform immigration. The boycott does not affect privatecompanies in Seattle that do business in Arizona.

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