(Editor's note:This was originally posted 11/08/09)

After the 2008 election, and all the excitement surrounding the election of Barack Obama, many people thought the 2009 election would be a big let down.

Early in the year, outgoing Mayor Greg Nickels was considered a prohibitive favorite for a third term. NIckels, however, did not make it out of the primary. Instead, two political newcomers, Joe Mallahan and Mike McGinn were the top two vote getters.

At the county level, Ron Sims appointment by President Obama to Deputy Secretary of HUD left the executive position wide open. A self-described progressive Democrat challenged and ultimately defeated former KIRO news anchor, Susan Hutchison who early in the race looked like she might run away with it.

Statewide, voters said yes to a referendum that makes domestic partnerships for gay and older couples legally equivalent to marriage in Washington state.

And finally, initiative guru Tim Eyman sponsored a tax cutting initiative that, unlike his previous tax cutting initiatives, went down to defeat.

Tell us what, if anything, surprised you about this election.

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