About one out of every 110 children is diagnosed with autism.

Sixty years after being identified as a disorder, scientists still don't know what causes autism. And, just like snowflakes, no two individuals with autism are alike. On one end of the spectrum is Asperger's Disorder, a high functioning sub group of Autistic Spectrum Disorder, and on the other end of the spectrum are profoundly disabled individuals.

This week on Learning for Life, we talk with Dr. Felice Orlich with Seattle Children's Autism Center, about what autism is, how it's diagnosed and the signs parents should look for. We also explore the issue of whether there are enough resources available to support the increasing numbers of children being diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families.

This is the final segment in a month-long series Learning for Life - and Birth to Thrive Online (Thrive's daily blog) - is doing on children with special needs.

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