According to the National Diabetes Education Program, 25.8 million Americans live with diabetes--more than 8% of the US population. Of these, seven million do not know the have the disease.

Certified Diabetes Educator and Registered Dietician with Evergreen Health's Diabetes Education and Nutrition Services, Jan Rystrom stopped by the show today with some reminders on how to reduce the risk for diabetes.

Evergreen's 'Kickstarter 9 to Health' program is a nine week lifestyle change program that helps participants gradually integrate changes to their diet and exercise regimes, culminating in a 5k. The program empowers patients living with type 2 diabetes to attain lasting, meaningful change. Space is still available for the next session, which will begin in August. Call (425) 899-3000 for more information or learn more about Evergreen's diabetes programs at

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