Finding zen through boxing KING

Carla Wilcox takes a unique approach to helping people connect with their authentic selves. She helps them find their "zen" through boxing. She, herself, is a professional boxer and trainer based at Seattle Boxing Gym. Carla was recently featured on Oprah's "Super Soul Sunday," sharing how she uses every aspect of boxing (from preparation and working out, to actually being in the ring) as a form of meditation. contributor Caitlin Murphy visited one of Carla's classes and shared the kinds of life-altering work that takes place inside the ring.

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(Note: Caitlin's story featured several shots of a glassybaby candle. She says Carla keeps that candle burning inside the gym as a tribute to her mother, as well as mothers everywhere who are battling every day. To learn more about glassybaby candles, visit their website and Facebook page, or connect with them on Twitter: @glassybaby )

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