DARRINGTON, Wash. -- The Darrington Cemetery is a sacred place for Rosetta Willis. It's the final resting place for many of her beloved family members, and soon even more loved ones will be there.

These people were born and raised here. They grew up together. They went to school with my kids, she said. They deserve to have a place to call home, resting here in the mountains of Darrington.

That home will be a granite columbarium where the ashes of those killed in the massive March landslide can be placed at no cost to the families. The names of all 43 victims are inscribed, among them three of Rosetta s friends.

I want people to feel the names, touch the names so there is closure to this, she said. It's a healing time.

Willis serves on Darrington's cemetery board. Soon after the slide the owner of Koppenberg Enterprises, which manufactures columbariums, approached the city with the idea. Eight other area businesses also got involved and made the project a reality.

The devastation from the Oso slide touched everyone in the community. Willis thinks it has made the people stronger and more connected, like a big extended family. She believes this is the sort of thing that family members just do for one another.

I m hoping when they come here they find peace and maybe some hope, she said.

The columbarium will be formally dedicated and unveiled Saturday at 1:00 p.m.

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