TACOMA-- A resolution that would make the Pierce County Council chambers the first public place in Washington to display the national motto In GodWe Trust will be discussed at two public meetings this week.

The proposal is on a committee agenda Monday, but will likely be debated by the entire council Tuesday.

Supported by Councilman Jim McCune, the resolution asks to place the inspiring slogan with words that are a profound source of strength and guidance prominently in the chambers.

McCune was unavailable for comment Sunday. Most of McCune'scolleagues KING5 spoke with Sunday had yet to take a position on the matter.

However, Councilman Rick Talbert immediately said he was not supporting the effort, adding this is not an issue that has risen to a point for discussion .He alsoquestioned whether In God We Trust was inclusive enough for the entire public.

Councilman Stan Flemming commented, I think (McCune's) trying to make a statement, but said he was waiting for a full discussion on the issue.

News of the proposal encouraged Jacquie Sherman, Founder and President of In God We Trust - America. Her California-based organization has pushed for the motto to be placed in public buildings for years, and each time it has gone to a legislative body, it has been approved, she said.

Patriotism is, in my view, love of God and love of country in that order, Sherman said, Our rights and freedoms come from God, not from government.

Sherman said it is hard to understand why the issue would be controversial.

It's intended to include everyone, she said, This may be controversial, but it's completely legal.

McCune's legislation is identical to a sample resolution Sherman included in letters sent to every municipality in Washington last month.

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