PORTLAND A Seattle woman whose Italian murder trial captured international attention for years was in Portland Friday for a conference.

Amanda Knox attended a conference organized by the Innocence Network, an international group of organizations that work to exonerate the wrongfully accused.

Knox was tried in Italy for the 2007 for the murder of her roommate Meredith Kercher. Raffaele Sollecito and Knox were convicted in 2009 amid a media circus that focused on allegations Kercher had died during a sex game gone wrong.

Knox was acquitted in 2011, but in January an Italian court reinstated her guilty verdict. Knox, who lives in Seattle, refused to return to Italy for the trial.

Knox attended the Innocence Network event at the Portland Hilton Executive Tower as one of the 111 exonerated individuals spotlighted during the conference.

I m learning a lot and I m really excited to be here, Knox told KGW. I didn t know what to expect, but I m blown away by the kindness.

Knox said she had apprehensions about attending the event.

I was obviously very nervous to come down here, Knox said. It s such a vulnerable thing to have experienced and then to expose yourself.

However, Knox said she felt welcomed and supported at the conference, where she has met individuals who similar experiences.

I was hated for so long, Knox said. Feeling accepted and feeling understood gives one strength to keep going and try to find your place. That's the whole point of justice, when something horrible happens, trying to reconcile that with life. It s really helpful to see other people who have done that.

Despite that, Knox faces an uncertain future with the possibility of extradition to Italy looming over her head.

I'm very scared, Knox said. It's so hard being a single person and having a greater authority pressing down upon you. But I'm feeling less alone here. I'm gaining inspiration and knowledge here and I hope to be able to carry that with me as I continue.


Ashley Korslien contributed to this report

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