Among the people still missing in the Oso landslide are Larry and Sandy Miller.

The Millers worked in the men's and women's ministry at Northshore Christian Church in Everett. That also helped organize a big Black and White dance for the church.

The executive pastor from their church described them as doers.

The couple had a home in Everett but recently had been working on their dream retirement in the Steelhead Drive neighborhood.

Since Larry was a roofing contractor by trade, they were doing a lot of the work themselves. Executive Pastor Rob Cisek said that's what they were likely doing Saturday morning.

Like so many others, people at the church have been asking how something so bad could happen to such good people.

Cisek has had a tough time finding a good answer.

They were the outgoing people who make a church feel like a home, said Cisek. If you were new to the church, you probably couldn't go 10 minutes without meeting one of them. They were those kind of people. And for them to be caught up in this disaster is particularly hard.

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