Jim Terry got a call from Allegiant Travel that s he s been hoping to get for weeks.

She was very apologetic. She said that the issue should have been elevated to a higher level instead of staying down in the lower management levels where it had been, said Terry.

Terry said Allegiant would not give him a refund for airline tickets his wife Roxann purchased for a trip to Disneyland. She got sick just before the trip and died a few days later.

Two days before we were going to fly out, she died on January 8th and so instead of being in Disneyland over that weekend I was planning funeral arrangements, recalled Terry.

Jim asked me to get involved after his own failed attempts to work with the company. When I told you his story on Monday night, the company said it was not giving a refund. Then overnight things changed. In a response, an Allegiant Travel representative admitted:

I gave you our cancellation policy without looking at the specific reservation.

The company said that Mr. Terry never spoke to anyone on the phone about a refund. To that, Mr. Terry strongly disagrees.

I originally called Allegiant just before the week she died because I knew that she wasn't going to get out the hospital and I was trying to work things out with them there, said Terry.

Jim says he called the company a second time after Roxann died, but he got the same answer. That s when he wrote a letter to which Allegiant responded with an email saying it would need 60 days to review the case.

In a statement, Allegiant said:

We never denied him a refund, but simply acknowledged his written request and let him know a case had been opened for review. We had not yet reviewed his case.

The company said our report brought the case to their attention and it realized that the Terrys did have travel insurance. Jim accepted the refund and the apology. Now he's eager to put this behind him and get back to honoring his wife's memory.

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