Police in Redmond are searching for two teenagers who've been seen throwing rocks from the Northeast 60th Street overpass on State Route 520. They've hit at least one car so far, and officers say it's only a matter of time before someone gets hurt.

Inga Carlson was driving westbound on 520 last week. As she approached the 60th Street overpass, she noticed two teens standing up there, looking down on the traffic below.

Moments later, something slammed into her windshield.

I can't even describe how loud that crack was, she said. And Ilooked in my mirror and saw a big rock bouncing down the freeway behind her.

She also saw the two teens, who had run to the other side of the overpass as she passed beneath it, and were pointing at the rock as it bounced through traffic.

It could hurt a lot of people, said Carlson. What if I swerved into another lane and hit a car and then hit another car?

Redmond Police share that concern. They say the teen trouble-making could come with serious consequences.

You'd hate to have to live with yourself for something you thought was a fun little game that turns into somebody getting hurt, said Officer Michael Dowd.

He says the teens involved could be charged with reckless endangerment or worse, if someone gets hurt.

We're talking about vehicles going 50 or 60 mph and rocks being dropped 50 or 60 feet in the air, he said. Just a slight panic and a driver could lose control of the vehicle.

Drivers who see the teens, or anyone, throwing rocks from an overpass should call Redmond Police right away.

Carlson knows she's lucky, the rock did not shatter her windshield and she managed to keep control of the car.

From now on, she'll be looking up any time she passes beneath an overpass, on State Route 520 or anywhere else. She says it was a scary experience, and one she felt other drivers needed to be warned about.

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