SEATTLE - A private school serving children with disabilities is still searching for a new building after it received an eviction notice earlier this year. The lease for Northwest Center Kids was terminated by Seattle Public Schools because the district needs the Queen Anne building for the Cascade Parent Partnership Program.

These are sensitive, fragile populations of kids and they deserve to have a safe, clean learning environment, said Cascade parent Shannon Scott.

Cascade is moving out of its current location because it set to be demolished and replaced with new school buildings.

It is old there is a lot of paint that's chipping off there's a lot of asbestos issues, said Principal Treena Sterk.

Northwest Center Kids is exploring several locations, but school President Tom Everill said the school needs more time to search. Ideally, Everill would like to stay in the Queen Anne building through the end of the year, but this would impact students at the Cascade Parent Partnership Program.

It can't be an issue of pitting one set of families against another set of families, said Everill.

We know Seattle Public Schools needs the building back, we just need time.

Everill said the school has been told to move out by the summer.

City leaders, lawmakers, and school officials will meet Friday to discuss different options for Northwest Center.

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