There is a rule at the University of Southern California that if there is something happening at the university that tangentially involves sports or famous people, Will Ferrell must be allowed to participate in said event. That might not be a real rule, but Ferrell does have a knack of turning up at athletic functions you might not expect.

For example, Pete Carroll s triumphant return to USC on Wednesday following the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl victory.

Carroll was on hand for two hours in which he discussed his team philosophy, the Trojans new coach Steve Sarkisian, and the infractions the university incurred during his tenure which included improper benefits to running back Reggie Bush.

from the Los Angeles Times:

We made some mistakes along the way but I don t think it was dealt with properly, Carroll said. I thought it was dealt with poorly and very irrationally and done with way too much emotion instead of facts.

Then Will Ferrell clamored on stage to practice placekicking.Watch the video

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