Whatcom County has been hammered with howling winds and a mix of rain, snow and ice. Nearly a foot of snow blanketed the area over the weekend. Most schools closed Monday in the county.

It was like a blizzard just a few miles up at the border crossing in Lynden.

Never before in his 45 years of driving has Canadian trucker Roy Munson seen it so bad.

I want to go to Sumas, that's where my border work is for, so I went down here to chain up. Got down here and couldn't move, he said.

That caused a three-hour back-up.

Gary Garret knows this means: No money, he said. This is the worst I've seen it up here. I didn't expect it.

Robert Smit woke up to the line of trucks right outside his front door

I've lived here for almost 50 years and I've never seen so many trucks piled up, he said

Without hesitation, Smit hopped in his tractor and went to work

I think I've got about 20 trucks I've pulled out today, he said.

He cleared a path for trucker Roy Munson to finally get out and move through this relentless storm.

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