Boeing machinists who work on the 787 Dreamliner final assembly line in Everett, say they are receiving substandard airplane parts from Charleston South Carolina, and it could threaten productions rates.

The machinists, who asked not to be named for fear of their jobs, say fueselage sections are missing electrical parts, bolts are not tightened properly and holes are misdrilled among other things. One worker claims every plane body they receive from Charleston has problems in some way.

The reports of poor worksmanship come as Boeing ramps up its delivery target to 10 Dreamliners per month, an ambitious goal for a long delayed program that has seen serious problems.

Boeing is not commenting on claims of shoddy airplane work. But executives did acknowlede last week that production at the palnt in Charleston coming along slower than they would like.

Mechanics say despite the problems, this is not a safety issue. Every airplane undergoes extensive testing before they are cleared for flight.

Machinists are currently in a bitter fight with Boeing after the company threatened to move its 777-X production out of state.

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