SEATAC- When people head south for the winter it is usually for warmer weather. Marty and Chris Fagan returned Thursday night from their winter expedition to the South Pole.

In November, the couple traveled to the outer edge of Antarctica and then made the 580 mile trek to the South Pole. It was a self-guided and unassisted expedition, according to the couple.

We were carrying everything in our sleds behind us, hauling it, and we ended up being the first American married couple to ever do such a thing, said Chris Fagan.

It was a 48 day journey that tested them both physically and mentally. The couple used a compass and double-checked their route with a GPS system.

We knew it was a big leap what we were doing the fact that only a 100 people have ever done it in history. We knew it was going to be difficult, said Marty Fagan.

When the couple arrived at Sea-Tac Airport, they were greeted by family and loved ones. Many of them were holding signs congratulating them on their journey.

I am just very, very happy and just can't realize that they are already home, said Keenan Fagan, son.

The couple said they are now looking forward to spending time with family and friends.

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