In a Saturday-morning interview, Gov. Jay Inslee said Boeing machinists' vote to approve a contract cements Washington State as the leader in aerospace for decades to come.

Inslee told KING 5's Greg Copeland the machinists had a difficult decision to make.Inslee addedthat he didn't encourage machinists to vote yes or no.

Machinists voted yes Friday night by a narrow 51 percent. By approving the contract, machinists made concessions to their pension and healthcare but helped guarantee the 777X airplane would be made in Washington State.

Some machinists expressed relief the contract passed while others were angry and upset.

There were 30,000 plus families that made a decision and each one of them looked at this a little bit differently, Inslee said.

Insleesaid voting yes on the contract ensured the production of a new carbon-fiber wing in the state. He said having that new technology here would lead to more airplane production beyond the 777X.

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