SEATTLE - The Seahawks have home field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs.

For the team's fans, that's enough to reason to think big. Real big. Super Bowl big.

We have tickets to Philly, we're flying to Philly, car, hotel, a lot of stuff, says Paul Melkers, a Hawks season ticket holder, who says he's already prepped for the Super Bowl on February 2nd. That meant booking a flight, hotel, parking and looking at the cost of game tickets.

Travel expert Steve Danishek says it is not too early to think about a Hawks SB appearance.

He says fans should look at all New York airports, and others in the corridor, including Boston, and Philadelphia to find good fares. Hotels near the Super Bowl site, in New Jersey, have increased rates. But Danishek notes, that most in Manhattan, are still reasonable by New York standards.

Game tickets are another story. NFL licensed dealers are selling packages, with game tickets, for a minimum of $4900. Stubhub ticket holders are selling them for prices beginning at $3200.

What you could do with the same amount of money you could take 12 of your best friends down to Las Vegas, where all the action really is, and have a great time during the Super Bowl, says Danishek.

The Seahawks will have to win two games to qualify for the big game.

The team announced that tickets for the first divisional game at Century Link will go on sale Tuesday at 10am. The game will be played on Saturday, January the 11th, at 1:35 in Seattle. The Seahawks will play Green Bay, New Orleans, or San Francisco.

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