TUMWATER, Wash. -- After this week, computer science will be a regular part of the curriculum at Tumwater's Serendipity Academy.

The students have Seattle-based to thank.

The tools they have provided for the kids are incredible. It makes it really easy on the teacher, said Serendipitdy science teacher Lorie Gillespie. provided free computer science curriculum called Hour of Code to school districts around the country this week. Chief Evangelis James Gwertzman said their goal was to have 10 million students participate.
They had close to 15 million take the course.

Gwertzman called the week a phenomenal success.

He was also surprised that 52 percent of the students who participated were girls.

Typically only 20 percent of computer science students are girls, said Gwertzman.

Gillespie, who has a computer science degree, hopes will inspire girls to look at computer science as a possible career.

They're not aware of the opportunities, said Gillespie, They're not aware of the great amount of money they can get doing this stuff.

For more information about the Hour of Code, goto

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