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Boxer puppy Duncan Lou Who can run and play like any other dog, even though his back legs were amputated just weeks ago.

A new video shows Duncan running on his two front legs and keeping up with his brother dogs just fine.


I cannot describe the gratitude, the inspiration, the humility, the joy, the pride I get from our rescue, said Amanda Giese of Panda Paws Rescue.

Duncan is my hero, she said. For those who said I was an animal abuser for removing his severely deformed legs to give him a chance, for those who sent me hate mail and doubted this boy, suggesting we should just euthanize him - you are wrong. Thank goodness this baby boy landed in our loving home!

Duncan was born with severely deformed rear legs and pelvis. The bones in his legs were completely fused by the time he was eight weeks old and there was no way to correct them.

Amputating his rear legs would give him the greatest chance at a good life. The surgery was done a month ago when he was 12 weeks old.

Duncan Lou Who doesn't let his unique differences slow him down and he doesn't know he is any different, Amanda said.

He has a custom wheelchair and will start using it more in the coming weeks.

Right now he is adjusting to using a cart because he has gone 16 weeks without one and thinks he doesn't need a cart, Amanda said

In the meantime he is doing physical therapy, massage therapy and hydrotherapy to help straighten his spine, which was twisted as a result of his deformed legs putting pressure on it.

Duncan will continue to face every obstacle to come with grace and perseverance. He will change lives and he will be the light at the darkest hour for many because he is the definition of life, Amanda said.

And baby Duncan has found his forever home with Amanda and her family.

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