SALEM -- A seagull will likely have to be caught and euthanized because of its aggressive behavior outside a Salem office building, wildlife officials told KGW.

The gull repeatedly pecks at the front door window of the First Commercial Real Estate Services building, as first reported by The Statesman Journal. It also tears at the welcome mat and lands on parked cars.

He'll peck at the doors and the windows of the vehicles, too, said Walter Swartz, who lives nearby. We'll walk by and you can hear him pecking on the glass. I mean, he's got a big beak.

It appears that the seagull was fed by people, which eventually caused it to develop the aggressive behavior when it became hungry for more food, according to Dave Williams with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services Department.

Sherie Sickles admitted that she fed it, but she didn't realize that would create such a problem.

It knows when you're eating, so we throw out food for it, she said. I don't see any problem with it. It's a friendly bird, it's just hungry, I think. It just comes for lunch.

Williams said the seagull can't be relocated because of its aggressive behavior toward humans, so a wildlife worker will need to capture and euthanize it.

He's become a nuisance and doesn't know how to revert back to his old ways, said Don McPherson, who works in the building. He's learned our habits and how we allow him to eat.

Here is raw video of the pecking seagull, courtesy of Don McPherson

KGW reporter Erica Heartquist contributed to this report.

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