SEATTLE -- Several people in the Eastlake neighborhood are upset with the U.S. Postal Service. They are complaining about late deliveries due to new mail routes for carriers.

I noticed that I hadn't been getting any mail probably since last Monday, said Randy Sullivan.

Sullivan and several neighbors said carriers have not consistently delivered their mail for just over a week.

It is very frustrating because like I said I have bills, said neighbor Tom Adams.

The U.S. Postal Service received several complaints from neighborhoods with 98102 and 98104 zip codes. Spokesperson Ernie Swanson said they just re-worked the delivery routes in those areas last week and mail carriers are still adjusting to the change.

The routes are completely different. They aren't efficient. They haven't got it figured out, said Sullivan.

Sullivan questioned why the Postal Service would change the routes just before the busy holiday season.

In some cases, the mail carriers are working later than usual to complete their deliveries. The Postal Service said customers should start to notice improvements in service by next week.

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