An accident at a downtown Seattle construction site involving a backhoe trapped three workers and closed a major arterial for several hours.

The Department of Transportation said at about 11:30 a.m., a contractor working near Denny Way and Pontius Street with a backhoe snagged a power line, bringing it down and breaking four poles.

Two workers, each in a separate dump truck, and the driver of the backhoe were trapped.

It is extremely dangerous, you have 26,000 volts of electricity and that's enough energy to electrocute someone, said Kyle Moore with the Seattle Fire Department.

City Light cut power to the area so workers could get out.

There were no injuries.

You can't move, you can't touch anything so that had to have been probably the two worst hours for those guys, said witness Jayne Jurgensen.

Denny Way was closed between Fairview and Stewart for several hours. Officials originally thought Denny would not reopen until late Monday night.

City Light crews will replace the poles and re-hang new wires.

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