SEATTLE (AP) -- A food industry group has given another $3.7 million to fight a Washington initiative requiring genetically engineered foods be labeled.

With about a week until the election, the Grocery Manufacturers Association made hefty contributions late last week, bringing its total to $11 million in its fight to defeat Initiative 522. The group has collected money from PepsiCo Inc., Coca-Cola Co., Nestle SA and others.

The No on 522 campaign has raised a record-setting $21.4 million to fight food labeling, while supporters have raised $6.3 million.

Supporters of I-522 say consumers have a right to know whether foods they buy contain genetically engineered ingredients. Opponents say it would cost farmers and food processors and raise food prices.

On Friday, DuPont Pioneer also made another contribution of $460,000 to the anti-labeling group, bringing its total to about $3.9 million.

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